A Message from APWU President Mark Dimondstein with the latest Coronavirus information that concerns all APWU employees.

"Sister and Brothers,

In the last 24 hours, four additional postal employees have tested positive for the Coronavirus, bringing to five the total confirmed cases of active postal employees.

Yesterday, two Seattle P&DC Mailhandlers and two maintenance management employees out of the Westchester P&DC have tested positive. And literally as I am writing this message to you, we just were informed that it appears a Raleigh NC postal worker has also tested positive.

The APWU has been in contact with Postal management at the local regional and national level concerning these cases.

The identified employees have been quarantined. Also, other employees working in close proximity to each of these employees have also been quarantined.

We will continue to ensure necessary actions are taken to safeguard the health of our members during this national pandemic and update you as new developments occur.

We encourage everyone to remain diligent in following the health and safety guidelines set forth by the CDC and protocols implemented by the Postal Service.

On a related note, we have also been proactive in opening discussions with national postal management on the impact on our members of school closings in many locales. Management has committed to a liberal leave policy (including LWOP) and liberal policy on change of schedules for personal convenience. We are awaiting management’s response to a number of other issues we raised, including the lack of paid leave available to our PSE members.

I appreciate Industrial Relations Director Vance Zimmerman and his staff for their yeoman work on this issue as well as Western Regional Coordinator Omar Gonzalez and NE Regional Coordinator Tiffany Foster for their proactive efforts in their regions where these outbreaks are now identified.

Thank you to all the members and officers for your ongoing efforts. Unfortunately, and undoubtedly, we are just in beginning throes of this crisis as we stay union strong in defense of the health and safety of our members and our families.

We will continue to keep everyone posted.

In Solidarity,