October UNION MEETING - 10/11/2023
November UNION MEETING - 11/11/2023
December UNION MEETING - 12/10/2023



Kids Christmas Party!!

Follow the link HERE to be taken to the sign up page for the party!. This is an event for active members in good standing! They are allowed to bring THEIR children plus ONE guest. That one guest can be their spouse, significant other, family member, friend, etc. - Send questions to MFincher@apwulocal170.org - I cannot stress this enough - This is for the members children 17 and under. Not grandchildren. Not nieces and nephews. I understand how much you want to include your family - We insist, this is for the members non-adult children only! - You MUST Register by the deadline and MUST include their Name/Age and Gift preference (B/G)

Deadline to Register is November 1st. Any changes will be announced on this website.

Walleye Tickets are in!

Visit our sign up page to get yours! - Active full dues paying members sign up HERE


The Process Explained - 14 days to file a grievance

Here is a PDF of the local grievance process. This follows article 15 of the contract but helps answer some questions about the process. This should be printed and kept at your work location for reference. This will help the APWU better represent you, as well as you represent yourself! Questions are always welcome!

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