APRIL UNION MEETING - SPECIAL ELECTION for MVS Director - Wednesday 4/14/21 - IN PERSON - TEAMSTERS HALL 435 S.Hawley (at the AWTrail).

General Membership Meeting at 6PM - 435 S.Hawley (Teamsters Hall) Standard CoVid protocols apply - Social Distancing, Temp check @the Door, etc. - SPECIAL ELECTION for MVS Director

Emergency Federal Leave Updated! The APWU Has this information available currently. (click for link) Please check back as I'm certain there will be colored charts, warnings and disclaimers. Please be advised, that use of this type of leave does not count toward your retirement and likely will hurt your earning of SL/AL.

NEW INFO ON SCHOLARSHIPS! Scroll to the bottom - OPWU and ABA info updated! (Click anywhere  in pink or navigate to "Resources>Scholarships" for more info!)

The Process Explained - 14 days to file a grievance

Here is a PDF of the local grievance process. This follows article 15 of the contract but helps answer some questions about the process. This should be printed and kept at your work location for reference. This will help the APWU better represent you, as well as you represent yourself! Questions are always welcome!

Several CoVid Updates

I just added three covid specific updates to the covid page. Click the link above to be taken there. The three updates are the Covid Leave FAQ updated 9/9 as well as two about Annual Leave Carryover and Exchange (increased amounts allowed)

Several CoVid Updates

I just added three covid specific updates to the covid page. Click the link above to be taken there. The three updates are the Covid Leave FAQ updated 9/9 as well as two about Annual Leave Carryover and Exchange (increased amounts allowed)

Missed Retro Pay Form

Click HERE

Please follow the above link if you were skipped on your retroactive raise payment. We have had a couple members reach out because they received no payment. This payment would have been visible on the paycheck we received 9/4/2020. There would have been roughly 11 adjustments. If you were employed as an APWU represented craft employee during 2018, 2019 and/or through about March 2020, you should have received something. Please contact a steward with questions. This is because our contract expired in 2018 but wasnt settled until 2020. PSEs and Career employees were affected. Use the above form and FAX it to the union office for assistance. Thanks!

This is a quick upload of the pictures from our most recent Day of Action. Click the arrows beside the picture to advance to the next..

Day of ACTION 8/2020

Open Letter from our President Martin Ramirez

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This is an open letter from our Union President regarding the current state of postal affairs. It's truly going to be an epic fight but your local will be in locked step with APWU HQ, the rest of the postal unions, and the american people! In solidarity, we will prevail!

All Things Covid!

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I try to update the news section weekly with new items. Also Visit our facebook page for the latest also! Visit the news section HERE - or click "Home" and select "news".


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We ask that you fill this out weekly (or as often as practical) and submit a COPY to your steward/designee - You can also email them to

Local 170 Summer Picnic and Labor Day Parade cancelled - Due to Covid

Letter from President Cancelling Picnic -- Letter cancelling Parade

All Things Covid!


FACE MASK UPDATE - **REQUIRED** - USPS Policy updated 4/21 HERE - OHIO Stay Safe Order HERE

Toledo Area Local 170 T-Shirts are in!

We have a limited supply of T-Shirts in Red (Sm,Med,Lg,XL,2XL,4XL), Black (Sm,Med,Lg,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL) and Navy Blue (Sm,Med,Lg,XL), as well as a limited supply of APWU 170 face masks. Members in good standing can request ONE, with the understanding that this is a first come/first served basis and we will likely run out. Please contact Panya at with your Color and Size preference. We will do our very best to take care of everyone, but this is strictly a "while supplies last" type of thing. If you have already received a new t-shirt, please do not ask for a second. Keep it honest and fair so everyone has a chance.

6/23/20 @ 3:15PM

**APWU Day of Action! **



Click on the flyer to enlarge it! - We plan on meeting near the Main Post Office at 3:15 - We will start at 3:30 on Tuesday 6/23/20 - This will be a short demonstration demonstrating that the USMail is not for sale! Not in Toledo - Not in Denver - Not anywhere! - Who's Postal Service? The People's Postal Service! - Member Participants will receive a new APWU 170 T-Shirt!

We Have A New Contract!!

Arbitrator Goldberg has awarded us a new contract! This was the culmination of many many months of hard work, research and deliberation. The term of the contract runs September 21st, 2018 - September 20th, 2021. Included in this award are general wage increases for all, retention of the COLAs, as well as keeping the 50 mile excessing and no lay-off clauses in tact. Members will receive retro-active raises at a future date for raises that would have occurred during the contract. Click this LINK for more details!

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