All but three consolidations on 'hold'.
Contract negotiations extended 1 week - impasse on economic package

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Youngstown P&DF dodges bullet

Senate opposes service cuts

State of Oregon's entire congressional delegation fighting for their processing plants.
What will it take for Ohio's Representatives and Senators to fight for us?
Yet more changes to "The PLAN"
As a postal customer, I can truthfully say "The Plan" is not working.
As most of you know, I'm usually well opinionated about decisions management makes regarding the work we do - This is no exception! Let me preface this first: I am honored that our PVS drivers are not only able to accept the current challenge of moving Toledo's mail to and from Detroit, but to do so and SHINE! Six runs a day to and from Detroit on vehicles approaching half a million miles is something to be proud of. I think the opportunity for our drivers to get some overtime and prove our worth couldn't come at a better time - Awesome job guys and gals! This is precisely why USPS needs to expand PVS! With that said, WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? I understand the need to move the mail, and through the limited consolidation that has already taken place at the plant, less and less of our sortation is being done in house, but you would think someone would have, long in advance, arranged for the mail to be transported. Truth is, it was - sort of. It was less someone thinking and less long in advance, but they did have a contractor in place to take care of the mail, but through a lack of communication, refusing to award a written contract and or an utter "dropping of the ball", management screwed it up. I guess the idea of having to stand by a contract was too frightening for the post office to fathom so they bailed on that idea! Their contingency? Penalty overtime, stress vehicles that are well beyond their prime, and transport mail that could have stayed put. Jumping over dollars to save dimes! Another item worth mentioning that has a direct impact on the postal fleet and delivery operations is "the Columbus truck" - or lack thereof. The VMF used to send parts to our southern stations such as Lima and Findlay nightly. These parts would make it on the Columbus bound truck and make it to Lima typically the next day, allowing the parts to make it to their destination and the LLV's to be repaired and back out delivering the mail. Now, there is no Columbus truck. All mail goes to Detroit. This is going to add 1-2 days minimum to these vehicles getting repaired and back on the road. It seems the postal service cares as much about their own mail as they do about the rest of the country - They don't. So I'll say it again - WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? As of writing this Wednesday 4/22, we had parts that were sent out Monday for Lima and they are still sitting in Detroit. Perhaps I'm being too critical or distorting the facts. I can tell you I've seen an impact on the mail in recent months. I encourage all of you to talk with your families and discuss what is happening to our beloved postal service. Make them aware of things to watch for and how to report problems with their mail. As consumers and voters, their voice can sometimes be much louder than "ours"' because we have a vested interest. Hopefully congress acts sometime soon and reverses some of this damage - I'm losing my optimism.


The USPS has removed the package and bundle sorting machine (APBS) from Toledo. It has been torn down and is being shipped to Pittsburgh PA. What this means to our postal customers is longer delivery times on packages and periodicals. Your packages will now be sorted at Allen Park Michigan, then trucked to Toledo. Packages mailed from Toledo to destinations in NW Ohio will also be trucked to Allen Park Michigan for processing, then trucked back to Toledo for distribution. I urge all customers to track your packages and complain to your US Representative, Senators and the PRC. The additional fuel usage and trucking costs involved are additionally troubling especially when the USPS spends yet more money telling us how "green" it is. Happy Earth Day. Additionally, we say farewell to the Postal Support Employees that lost their jobs because of this poorly planned action.

Senator Tester tells incoming PMG:
New delivery 'standards' are a disaster!

Toledo's closing date officially changed to: To Be Determined.
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Last minute reprieve - Toledo P&DC to stay open. Massive re-bidding required - Tour 3 will cease - APBS still scheduled to leave Toledo - no one will be excessed to Carrier Craft!
House Resolution 54 Proposes to restore US Postal Service Delivery Standards to 2012 levels. This would be a good thing for our customers! Please take a minute and contact Ohio Representative Bob Latta. Respectfully request that Congressman Latta sign on to HR 54 as a co-sponser. Congresswoman Kaptur signed on in January.
- USPS confirms delay of mail due to April consolidations.
What used to be a crime, Destruction, Obstruction and Delay of Mail (18 USC 1700, 1701, 1702 & 1703), is now our business plan.
What we will lose with a privatized Postal Service
Another great reason to keep NW Ohio's mail in Ohio!


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