Survey Finds Turmoil in Postal Workforce
ATTENTION Maintenance Craft Members
Pursuant to Article IX, Section 5 of our local's constitution, we will be holding a special election to fill the Maintenance Craft Director's position. The election will be held at our next monthly meeting, Saturday May 14th at 10:00am. More info on the Maintenance page. Posted 4/28/2016

1.6.B Payout Update

APWU wraps up initial stage of contract arbitration
USPS to dust off AMP studies before any more closures.
Staffing & outdated operating plan caused delayed mail at consolidated North Houston P&DC
Could that be a problem everywhere?
USPS loses money on consolidations - US Senator wonders why
USPS reissues policy on Workplace Harassment.
High turnover in lower tier employees? Say it ain't so.
Slower Service, Higher Costs: USPS's Phase II Debacle
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FMLA Update 4/25/12

FMLA Form Self

FMLA Form Family Member

FMLA Form Military

FMLA Form Military Family Member

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