Holiday on Non-Work Day:
When a Holiday falls on Sunday (Christmas 2016) the following Monday (Dec.26th) will be observed as the Holiday. When an employee's scheduled non-work day falls on a day observed as a Holiday, the employee's scheduled workday preceding the Holiday shall be designated as that employee's Holiday!
If you work Tour 1 and your SDO's are Sat-Sun your Holiday is Sunday night.
If you work Tour 1 and your SDO's are Sun-Mon your Holiday is Friday night.
If you work Tour 1 and your SDO's are Mon-Tue your Holiday is Saturday night.
If you work Tour 1 and your SDO's are anything else your Holiday is Saturday night.
If you work Tour 2 and if Sunday is not your SDO it will be your Holiday.

I hope this helps!
Yours in solidarity,
Arnie Cowell
President Local 170

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