Help Us Save Northwest Ohio's Last Mail Processing Plant - Please call and write your Congressman and Senators and say NO to closing the Toledo Plant!

To all Clerk Craft employees: As you know the APWU and the United States Postal Service entered into a Memorandum of Understanding concerning POStPlan: Staffing of offices, filling of assignments, PSE usage and conversions. I have posted the entire Memorandum of Understanding concerning POStPlan along with the Pecking Order for Newly Created Positions in the POStPlan Installations, Also the POStPlan Questions and Answers. (Click links below) Please take the time to read these memos. The USPS is indicating jobs will be posted around 11/14/2014 and have agreed to post the jobs within the cluster and within the 50 mile radius at the same time to avoid the problem associated with clusters within 50 miles being posted at different times. If you have any questions please contact me immediately at

One Congresswoman gets it
USPS to purchase 10000 new vehicles
OIG: USPS breaking it's own rules on Phase 2
Health insurance premiums to rise for Postal Employees
To all Toledo area employees: Last month the Prez, Adam & Ken attended the Article 12 meeting in Cleveland. At this meeting, management is contractually required to provide the Local Union specific information regarding the impending movement of Toledo's mail processing operations out of Toledo. Management is required to provide a list of employees that will be excessed, and their "landing spots" - where employees will be excessed to.
Management had none of this information. They stated that it is being worked on.

US Postal Management's Dysfunctional and Failing Culture
Congratulations to all converted PSE's !

National Level Dispute Initiated Over Plant Closures
Postal "Reform" at least a year out...
Donahoe has to go!

PMG Breaks Promise to US Senate, Toledo Back on the Chopping Block

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They could have just asked us!


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