General Meeting - Saturday August 13th @ 10am - E-Board @ 9am - meeting is at the Teamster's Hall off the Trail.
Labor Day Parade Flyer - click to read

Map - yes, that is a picture of the parking lot where we meet!

Congratulations to all converted PSE's !

Battle Over Postal-Service Cuts Looms in September
Meeting in Mentor
50 US Senators call for a halt to closings
From the Toledo Area postal employees and their families - Thanks for the water! - Trucks from Akron, Cleveland and Pennsylvania arrived at Toledo P&DC bearing more than mail - pallets of bottled water which was distributed to employees at the MPO, stations & branches. You helped us get through our water crisis, and it was much appreciated.
Donahoe has to go!

PMG Breaks Promise to US Senate, Toledo Back on the Chopping Block

Contact your US Congressman - click here      Contact your US Senator - click here

USPS Board of Governors Nominees
The 8 minute video you NEED to watch
Gone Postal - Click to watch the trailer
All custodial PSE's to be converted

Contract talks looming

Arnie and Adam with President Mark Dimondstein at a recent conference in Dayton

They could have just asked us!


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