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Click the schedule link above and pick your games. Pick as many games as you like, you will be awarded two tickets for one game during the regular schedule. Send your game choices via email to: or submit a hardcopy to Adam Huebner or Mike Weigandt.


The USPS has removed the package and bundle sorting machine (APBS) from Toledo. It has been torn down and is being shipped to Pittsburgh PA. What this means to our postal customers is longer delivery times on packages and periodicals. Your packages will now be sorted at Allen Park Michigan, then trucked to Toledo. Packages mailed from Toledo to destinations in NW Ohio will also be trucked to Allen Park Michigan for processing, then trucked back to Toledo for distribution. I urge all customers to track your packages and complain to your US Representative, Senators and the PRC. The additional fuel usage and trucking costs involved are additionally troubling especially when the USPS spends yet more money telling us how "green" it is. Happy Earth Day. Additionally, we say farewell to the Postal Support Employees that lost their jobs because of this poorly planned action.

Toledo's closing date officially changed to: To Be Determined.
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Last minute reprieve - Toledo P&DC to stay open. Massive re-bidding required - Tour 3 will cease - APBS still scheduled to leave Toledo - no one will be excessed to Carrier Craft!
House Resolution 54 Proposes to restore US Postal Service Delivery Standards to 2012 levels. This would be a good thing for our customers! Please take a minute and contact Ohio Representative Bob Latta. Respectfully request that Congressman Latta sign on to HR 54 as a co-sponser. Congresswoman Kaptur signed on in January.
- USPS confirms delay of mail due to April consolidations.
What used to be a crime, Destruction, Obstruction and Delay of Mail (18 USC 1700, 1701, 1702 & 1703), is now our business plan.
MVS wins subcontracting arbitration!
USPS to drop scheme training requirement for all clerk bids.
UPDATE - APWU files national level dispute against removal of scheme requirements
First Report from the contract negotiations
What we will lose with a privatized Postal Service
APWU Launches 'Grand Alliance'

Senator Tester tells incoming PMG:
New delivery 'standards' are a disaster!

Another great reason to keep NW Ohio's mail in Ohio!
Tell the P.R.C. about your delayed mail.
Click message type, complaint, and fill out form.

Changes Coming to Your Mail

National Level Dispute Initiated Over Plant Closures

Contact your US Congressman - click here      Contact your US Senator - click here

Plant closures delay mail and decrease revenue


Save the USPS shirts - kid's sizes, contact:
the PREZ



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