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Two USPS supervisors duke it out in Pennsylvania
'Secret Letter' details privatization plans for USPS
USPS Abandons Plans to Halt Saturday Delivery!
Attention APO/RMPO Clerks: Regarding the Art. 1.6.B "$56 million" pay-out:
Amounts that entitled clerks received on their current paychecks are incorrect. The USPS notified APWU headquarters that they are aware of the mistakes and are actively working to determine who was paid incorrectly and for how much. Many got paid more than they should have and many got paid less. The USPS will inevitably initiate actions to collect the over payments as soon as possible. We have no idea at this point how long it will take to correct the under payments.

Scheme Requirement and Dexterity Dispute Settled.
Contract Arbitration to begin February 17th
USPS Officials a no-show to hearing on Ohio ballot problems
UPDATE: OPM offers resource center to victims-click to read

50 Mile excessing limit extended thru the next contract or 2018, whichever is longest.
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Tell the P.R.C. about your delayed mail.
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FMLA Update 4/25/12

FMLA Form Self

FMLA Form Family Member

FMLA Form Military

FMLA Form Military Family Member

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