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The House Appropriations Committee overwhelmingly approved an amendment on June 9 to restore the USPS service standards that were in place on July 1, 2012.

Watch the video - postal amendment starts at about 1:39

Many thanks to Rep Marcy Kaptur for this amendment and her continued support of Toledo Postal Workers.
Please call her office - LINK - and thank her for her support.

Last month, all USPS managers should have completed a review of the results of the latest Postal Pulse survey, conducted a "state of the team" conversation with employees and submitted plans to make improvements.
I must have missed that.
The MetroPlex is a dismal place to work.
Move Toledo's mail back to Toledo - win/win.
Ohio window clerk foils ID theft/scam.
Well done Kelly!
OIG to conduct financial control audits at all facilities.
Congress set to address financial plight of U.S. Postal Service
Contract Arbitration Hearings Complete - Decision in 30 to 60 days
Survey Finds Turmoil in Postal Workforce
USPS to dust off AMP studies before any more closures.
Staffing & outdated operating plan caused delayed mail at consolidated North Houston P&DC
Could that be a problem everywhere?
USPS loses money on consolidations - US Senator wonders why
USPS reissues policy on Workplace Harassment.
High turnover in lower tier employees? Say it ain't so.
Slower Service, Higher Costs: USPS's Phase II Debacle
Contact your US Congressman - click here      Contact your US Senator - click here

Tell the P.R.C. about your delayed mail.
Click message type, complaint, and fill out form.


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