Congratulations Adam Huebner, our new Executive Vice President!


We will hold a special election at our next monthly meeting, Wednesday June 14th, for the vacant position of Clerk Craft Director for Toledo Area Local 170 of the APWU. The meeting will begin at 6:00pm. We will entertain nominations for the Clerk Craft Director position and then hold the ballot election. NOTE: Only members in good standing of the Clerk Craft can vote in this election, and you must be present at the meeting to vote.
Merger Request Notice
The MAL offices at Gibsonburg, Burgoon, Helena, Lindsey and Rising Sun have petitioned to merge with Toledo Area Local 170. At our next monthly meeting, Tuesday June 14th, we will conduct a secret ballot vote on this merger petition. Plan to meet at the Teamster's Hall, 435 S Hawley St, off the Trail at 6:00pm.
Arnie receiving the OPWU Member of the Year Award from OPWU President Steve Charles
Way to go Prez!

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Investigation continues in Virginia falsifying
Virginia Postmaster & 5 managers fired for falsifying.
Step 4 Resolution: Use of PSE's in Level 4 Post Offices
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USPS reissues policy on Workplace Harassment.
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